Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Far Right's Craptastic Voyage....

One of the biggest right wing talking points about Sarah Palin:


According the Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee, Thompson, Hannity, Limbaugh, even Palin and McCain themselves....this is somehow relevant.

Let's take a look at George W. Bush, shall we.  Had a LOT of executive experience.  He had 8 years as the Texas governor when he first ran in 2000, and had 12 years when he ran in 2004.  This doesn't even count all that executive experience he had at Arbusto energy, Spectrum 7, Harken Energy or the Texas Rangers....


And without any sort of judgment, what has that executive experience worth?  What we have right there is something Obama or Biden should start driving into the brains of voters immediately.  It won't take much.  

"Ya know, my opponent has been spending a lot of time talking about Palin's executive experience, I think they forget that in 2004 George Bush ran with 12 years of executive experience, and today, George Bush has 16 years of executive experience.  Without sound judgment, executive experience doesn't mean anything.  Heck, by the Republican's standards, George Bush would be the most qualified candidate for president today."

Talk about issues, judgment, and new ideas.  

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Anonymous said...

I certainly would give George Bush another term...with Palin as VP!!!!