Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You've got mail...

from the governor....don't tell anyone.

Why is it that vice presidential candidate and liar extraordinaire Sarah Palin has claimed executive privilege on over 1000 e-mails she wrote while governor of Alaska.  Such a privilege is only allowed under Alaska law if the e-mails themselves discuss policy.

The list of e-mails is here:

While a law-breaking republican claiming executive privilege is nothing new (I'm looking at you Dick Cheney), what is new is that a civilian, Palin's husband and first dude, Todd was ccd on dozens of these e-mails.  You know Todd, Union worker, fisherman, hunter...NOT IN ANY POLITICAL OFFICE AND A MERE CIVILIAN Todd.

How can she claim executive privilege when she was sending mails outside her administration and to her husband.  And what sort of policy was  being discussed in e-mails whose titles are the titles of her political opponents.

Sara Palin is obviously hiding something.

But, as Sara herself put it (over and over and over again),

"I said thanks, but no thanks, to that bridge to nowhere...."

The only thing Sara Palin has said "No thanks" integrity.


Anonymous said...

Well there are a few things you left out of your story...though it sounds so juicy just the way you wrote it. She didn't claim Executive Privilege because the State Senate was investigating something...she did it because a disgruntled former State Employee is trying to dig up dirt. This person is an "Activist" and has no business looking at anything quite frankly! Also 40 out of 1100 e-mails ccd to Todd Palin doesn't make a hill of beans...they could have been talking about what to make for dinner for crying out loud. What gives this "Activist" the right to read these e-mails anyway? Do you think that Bill Clintons e-mails should have been made public during his eight years in office? You are a state employee...should you have to give me access to your work e-mail account? What you leave out is this person was given thousands and thousands of e-mails and out of those withheld 1100 and out of those 40 of them were cc'd. For all you know some of those could have had infromation about Alaska National Guard troop movements in Iraq. This is worse than a non-story.

liberalchicagoteacher said...

C'mon now...there's a reason we have a Freedom of Information Act...civilians have a right to know what the government is up to provided it does not involve policy or something that might uncover something detrimental to the government...

If Sarah Palin sent e-mails about the National Guard to her husband, she should be arrested immediately, as such movements are highly classified and not likely to have much to do with Todd's upcoming fishing trip.